Technical Musings: Move over Yahoo Notepad, welcome Github Gist

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Move over Yahoo Notepad, welcome Github Gist

Github's gist are a pretty good match for a lot of stuff I do; simple one file scripts, not big projects.

I've been putting up a few scripts I've embedded in this blog, and I'm looking through old files for more.  I even have some stuff in an old Yahoo Notepad.  Yea, Yahoo Notepad.  It was/is a simple way to store text files in folders.  No support for sharing, and you had to cut and paste into a form to 'upload' them.  There doesn't seem to be any links in YMail to that system anymore, so you have to go directly to; but it still works.  I've had a Yahoo account since they first offered them back in 1997.  Unfortunately, during the early times they had pretty restrictive mailbox size limits (I think it started at 5MB), so I had to delete a bunch of stuff back then.  The earliest mail I still have is dated September 5, 2003.

It's terribly thing relegating some of this stuff to Notepad; I had embedded version numbers in the scripts themselves.  Not quite as reliable as Git, I must say.

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