Technical Musings: June 2013

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

monkeyrunner hanging on input/raw_input on Mac OS X: RESOLVED

I found recently that my monkeyrunner scripts started failing after updating the Android SDK Tools to version 22.0.1.  This is a known bug in the jython version shipped with it.  Luckily it's easily fixed by replacing one .jar file.

Jython 2.5.4rc1 Release Notes
Bugs Fixed:

[ 1972 ] jython 2.5.3 sys.stdin.readline() hangs when jython launched as subprocess on Mac OS X

1)  Download latest jython 2.5.4rc1:

2) Copy into ${ANDROID_ROOT}/sdk/tools/lib/

3) move or delete the existing jython-standalone-2.5.3.jar

That's it!  monkeyrunner now process raw_input() and input() correctly.